Multiple Switch cases at a time


i need a help for this

if I press ctrl+alt+O it opens word application
if I press ctrl+alt+S it take screenshot of active window and paste into the word file
if I press ctrl+alt+T it ask for save the file

Note: if I press anywhere in the middle any of the above keys it should work like now im doing ctrl+alt+S activity if I press ctrl+alt+O at that time again it should open new word file

One thing to note, if the “Ctrl+Alt+T” is intended to do a “Save As” in Word, you could just scrap that case and use F12, this opens the Save As Window. But if you’re trying to automate the Save As process as well then I’d keep the case.

Hi @Shriharsha_H_N - What I can understand from your this is you need this typeof automation (Below is the screenshot)

Assign the triggers and it will work according. Explore this for more.
I hope it will help you.


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@mike.vansickle we need customized shortcut keys for so we cant use f12

can you suggest how its works if its any pdf like Reframework please share

Hi @Shriharsha_H_N - there is very less documentation as of now.
Here is the link.

You can explore more by yourself.
You can use Hot Key trigger activity to achieve your scenario.Attaching the screenshot.

Hope it will help you.