Insert several image in several excel cell

Want to insert image 1 in cell 1, image 2 in cell2…

Hi @Soudios

Use click activity to insert image in excel cell

Yes but it takes me a lot of time, how can i automise that ?

Try the following steps

  • Excel scope - provide the path
  • Write cell - give cell name and provide value as “string.empty”
  • Send hot key - use Alt+n+p
  • Type into - provide the image path in the filename textbox
  • click - click the insert button
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I cannot use insert image at cell ?

You can add image into the cell by using above steps.


Use Insert Image at Cell activity under Balareva.Excel.Activities package to do this.

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Hi @Soudios,

As @lakshman said , you can use this one

And also



5 sec execution:

Save this vba snippet in a .txt file:

Sub InsertImageToExcel(imagePath,workSheetName, cell)
	  Set myDocument = Worksheets(workSheetName)
	  myDocument.Shapes.AddPicture _
 imagePath, _
 False, True, Range(cell).Left, Range(cell).Top, -1, -1
End Sub

Use Invoke VBA inside an Excel Application Scope.


EntryMethodParameters: {strImagePath, strWorksheetName, strCell}


Hi @balupad14 sir,

Thank you very much for creating the packages.

However, I have observed that when I use any activity from BalaReva.Excel.Activites (Eg : Insert Image at Cell) other already open excel files of my PC gets closed.

Could you please guide me how can I stop other excels from getting closed.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @balupad14 is there any way that we can alter/change the size of the image which is inserted into the excel file using “Insert image at Cell” activity

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Yes. It is possible. It has an activity called ‘Image Resize’. Now I is in the .NET 6 migration…

Thank you


Hi @MLT ,

The package is ready. If you need , I will send by message…

Thank you

Please send me the package sir, It would very helpful to me @balupad14

I am very glad to see that BalaReva is back in .NET 6. Great shortcuts and packages!

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