Multiple mail recipients

How to format the โ€œToโ€ property of Send Exchange Mail Message to send mail to multiple recipients.
I tried to separate email addresses by different separators with no success :frowning:



Hi @J0ska

Here, try like this:
multipleRecipients.xaml (7.5 KB)

Hi @ovi
does it mean that โ€œToโ€ property like โ€œ; recipient2@domain.comโ€ is not supported?

Try with โ€œ,โ€(comma) between the recipients. It works like that for me.

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I receive following error with โ€œ,โ€ (comma) as recipient separator: โ€œSend Exchange Mail Message : One or more recipients are invalid.โ€

BUT it works with โ€œ;โ€ (semicolon) if there is NO SPACE behind, i.e. โ€œ;recipient2@domain.comโ€

So solution found but it would be worth to enhance the Send Exchange Mail Message activity to ignore the space.


Yes u r right to send mail to multiple recipeints you have to use โ€œ;โ€ like you use in normal outlook.