Multiple mail recipients without explicitly writing them

At first my question may seem to be equal to this one:

However, in my view the problem described is not 100% solved.
Yes: It also works for me if i write two recipients explicitly like ";" BUT it doesn’t work for me if i use variables like “recipient1;recipient2” (which i have assigned previously (recipient1 = …, recipient2 = …).

Also, i cannot use multiple DataTable values like “Convert.ToString(DataTable1.Rows(RowIndex)(ColumnIndex));Convert.ToString(DataTable1.Rows(RowIndex+1)(ColumnIndex))” as email addresses.

So my question: is there no way how i can send one email at once to multiple addresses which are NOT explicitly spelled out? (but rather are stored in a data table or variables)

Iterate through the data table and you will get the individual mail ID in a row.
Use a string variable and try to append the string everytime with “;” + row("mail).tostring

Then give the entire string in TO field of send mail activity @MW23

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