Multiple gmail automation

I am trying to do gmail automation with multiple account.
For example: i have two accounts and and three accounts
My query is that I need to click on any of those accounts and when I click it should go to the password page that should be automatically filled and then login directly.

I have done till click and I don know how to proceed to save password for different accounts and then proceed further?


Hi @Aishwarya_Bhangarshe

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Are you using the same browser to login to three accounts? I don’t think that will be possible to login to different gmail’s account simultaniously through the same browser. You might need to use different browsers for each user. And I dont think that’s a good approach.

Why not try login into one account at a time then do the processing then logout and login to the other account?

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando

I have posted the pic above. I want a option to click the multiple account, one at a time and then move to the password page which is automatically saved. I will logout manually,that’s not a problem.

HI @Aishwarya_Bhangarshe

Have you tried the data scraping for this? You can try scraping and getting the value and the URL both, and navigating to that URL to see whether it works?

@Aishwarya_Bhangarshe Store all the mail in for excel and than iterate one by one