Multiple excel files, copy only cells, paste them into another excel file

Hello, i have searched the forum but all the topics related didn’t help me, so i give it a try:

I have multiple excel files, from which i want to copy some specific cells and paste them into other excel file.

What i know so far and i can use :
-excel application scope

  • Read cell (i have about 30 cells to copy, range doesnt help as its not in a good order, i don’t mind the work to input all the variables and so on),
  • Write cell: each cell to be written where i need it to be,
    -i have the excel files in one folder so i can use the Directory.Getfiles(“Files”,“*.xlsx”) - where?
    What i don’t know:
    i am stuck at copying data from each file and paste it in order in the main file, i saw using append, i saw using assign. i really dont know how to make them work.
    Can someone please point the logical steps with the activities needed?
    I am very new to this, so please have patience.

Hey @Droopy
Does all the files have some common column maybe index or ID or something?

Hello @Parth_Doshi, fortunately all the data is in same spot in all the files, for example A1 copied is pasted always in B3 in main file. And i have an ID. One ID can have 2 or three files, but that will be sorted on the main file. From one file i managed to copy 3 cells, (from 30 as a test) and it works, i don’t know how to make the automation for all the files, and the data to be pasted continuously in the main file ( for ID 1 all the data in row 3, for ID 2 row 4).
I hope i make myself clear, excel and uipath begginer here.


Check as below

Hope this helps you


After many many many hours i have came with a solution …i hope:

  1. Sequence
  2. Assign
    4)Add data column
  3. Assign
  4. For each (item)
  5. Read range string
  6. Add data row (extract the data i need)
    9)Excel application scope -master file
  7. Write range
    Pretty close to what i was searching.

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