Copy value from 1 cell in 1 excel and paste the same into all the rows of a column in another excel


I am looking for a solution to how I can copy the data from a specific cell in an excel and paste a same value into all the rows of a column of another excel.
The service now column’s value in parent file should be updated in all the rows of request id column of child file.

Please help

For copying data from specific cell use get row item activity,
Then write those values into another excel…


Can you help me with a xaml for the same

It is always a single row in the parent file and multiple rows in the child file. do you still suggest using get row item from parent file

Means that you need to use conditions …

No conditions are required. Only copy the row cell value of service now no. from parent file and paste the same to all the rows of the request id column of child file

Okay correct me, if i was wrong understand your question …

Looks like you have an excel file’s name parent and child.

From parent row(0) you have unique values eg:1,2,3

From that parent file,you need to get that value (eg:1) for child file row(0) which contains some duplicate rows??

Like above you mentioned row(5) have false data!!

If this is your question,you need to find some other match’s from your parent and child file.

Like eg,

If your parent file “any column” contains like lk-20 has same has child file "any column"that contains lk-20…in this scenario you use if condition to write values for request_Id …

Hi, Well, I suppose you have the information you want to copy in the other excel in a “datarow”.

The solution is not very complex. I recommend the following:

  • “Read Excel” where you need to paste the information, save the information in a dataTable with headers
  • Use a “for each row” activity and loop the datatable, save the index in a variable:

Then you must evaluate if the ID’s are the same, and write in the cells that are the same:


You have to use an index or counter for choose the right row in the excel:


I am comparatively new to UIPATH. Can you please share the part of getting the data in the form of “datarow” from the first excel as well in screenshots.

Can you guide me on how I can create a datarow from datatable in uipath. It would be helpful if you provide me with a xaml with all the details of how I can fetch the data from parent file and paste into all the row of request_ID# column of child file.

My query is I have an excel named parent file. In that I have a column servicenow_no. I want to copy the servicenow_no from this parent file and paste into all the rows of the request_ID# column of the child file. I am struggling hard to get this.

When you Read Excel you save the output an a DataTable, a DataTable is datatows collection.

  • First you have to read you first Excel (save in Dtb2).
  • Capture the first row from(datarow) the Excel. To do this you have to use assign activity and creat a datarow variable (dtr1).

Dtr1 = Dtb2.rows(0)