Copying contents within multiple excel files to one

Hello ,
I am fairly new to UiPath.
My doubt is I have a folder . The folder contains 18~20 excel files , which has same number of columns. The data content varies. I want to copy each of the file contents to a new excel file(say xyz.xlsx).
I want to open one excel file, read the contents, copy it to xyz.xlsx.
Then the next file should open, read the contents, append it to the contents placed in xyz.xlsx.
Kindly help me with a procedure to do the same.

Pseudo code -

  1. Read a folder containing excel files (GetDirectory.GetFiles(“dir”,“*.xlsx”))
  2. Create a new data table using Assign Activity
  3. Loop thru the list of files - For each activity
    Body of For Loop
    Excel Application Scope - one file at a time
    Read Range Activity - to read the data from a excel file (stored into DataTable)
    Merge Data Table Activity → pass the data table as input from the previous step
  4. After the loop, save the output of merge data table activity to a new excel file using Excel Application Scope.

Karthik Byggari


Yes that worked!! Thankyou.

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