Copy and paste more values simultaneously in one go



Dear UiPath Community

In my current application I am using a for each loop to read a cell from an excel file and paste the content to another Excel file. I use the same variable because it gets updated in the loop.

Is there a way to read all of the values from the first Excel file, store them in n variables, in order to then paste the whole array of values in the new Excel in “one go”? I am trying in this way to speed the process up.


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Why not use the excel activities for this?

If at all you want to copy/paste, you could write your values to List and add below to Set to Clipboard

String.Join(Environment.Newline,varList) --> Paste Column

String.Join("\t",varList) --> Paste Row



But where should I write that script? On which activity? I’m new to it!


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Set to Clipboard Activity.


you can use “clipboard activity” in activity panel