Multiple Excel Data Mapping

I want to map data of two excel sheets in such a way that the value should be updated only if row name match. Col3 is empty.
For e.g.,
[Col1] [Col2] [Col3]
A |12|
B|14 |
C |88|
D |90|
E |83|
[Column1] [Column2]
D| 63
A| 43
B| 9

[Col1][Col2] [Col3]
A| 12 |43
B |14 |9
C |88|
D |90 |63
E |83|
I have used Join Data table activity, It worked but order is different. It was require to update the Col3 in Excel 1 on the basis of Column1 value of Excel2

Hi @alal :wave:

Try the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Use a Build Data Table activity to create a structure for your output DT.
  2. Use 2 for-each loops, one inside the other.
  3. Use an if condition to check if row1("Col1") = row2("Col1"); this will ensure to check for column 1 in both the tables.
  4. If it does, use Add Data Row activity to insert data into your Build DT and pass row1("Col1"), row1("Col2"), row2("Col2) into your output DT.

Done. Try it and if not share your .xaml so I can help you out!

Have a great day!

Can you please look in to it. I really appreciate that.