Compare two excel files and map the values

Hi Folks,

I have two excel files(attached for your reference). Both the files contains a column name called “Country”. I have to compare both the datatables and extract the common values and write in first datatable and need to delete the remaining rows which is not there in data table.

It means my data table 1 should contain only countries USA, India,Srilanka.

Please help
MappingData.xlsx (8.7 KB)
PO_Details.xlsx (9.8 KB) awaiting for your response

Hi @sharu_priya ,

Have you tried using the Join Datatables activity ?

Maybe you could also provide us with the Expected Output data, so that we can conclude on what really is the requirement needed.

Try with Join Datatables activity with Inner Join as the Join Type with the Country columns and check the resultant output.

Let us know if it does not satisfy your requirement.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

Inner Join is not working.

I have attached the desired output.
PO_Details.xlsx (8.9 KB)

@sharu_priya ,

When used Join Datatables activity with Inner Join we will be able to get the Output.

I believe there is a Space in the Column Name Country in Mapping Data sheet which results in an Error when used Join Datatables activity.

If it is a Typo Error you can correct the column name in Excel sheet and then try again with Join Datatables activity. If it is not a Typo Error just use the space along with the Country and let us know if you were able to get the Output.

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Can you please share the result after using inner join

Hi @sharu_priya ,

The issue was with the column names having extra space as mentioned by @supermanPunch

Try this:
Sp.xaml (12.7 KB)


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