How to compare column values from two different tables and if they match then paste the value present in the first excel sheet into another

how to map the names present in fist excel sheet with the names present in second excel sheet and paste the value present in first excel sheet into another.

First Excel
Name Value
Sandeep 50
Arshad 65

Second Excel

data is present
now i have to compare the names from two excel sheets and paste the value according to mapped values.

Please help.

This should give you what you need

Hi @sandeepbht96,

Use select for mapping of two columns
one is is in excel1
& another is in excel2

@varunk can you please send an example of how to do that

Hi @sandeepbht96,

For example
Excel1 & excel2 are there,I need to map the two excels with one column in each
First read excel1 & excel2 store as dt1 & dt2
In which excel you want to write data,in for each row give that data table
take one assign & create one variable for that row
Then take another data table
dt2.Select(“[Colum Name]='”+variable Name+“'”)

As linked. This takes two datatables (one of each sheet of the attached excel), performs a vlookup and brings across the required values to the target datatable.

Sequence.xaml (11.3 KB)

Input.xlsx (9.1 KB)

Here same problem accured. Could you tell me
where can I mistake this workflow.
I need help to find solution Main.xaml (710.8 KB)
SAPLEVEL3.xlsx (11.3 KB)
for your references

@Abubakkar you have not set the column to target

Hi, @ronanpeter
Thanks for your answer.
Can you tell me how to set the column to target?


You need to set the name or index in one of the overload groups, as the error message says.

yeah, I found it. Thanks @ronanpeter.
But again it seems like this
what kind of error this?
Main.xaml (689.4 KB)
This is my Updated one.

Main.xaml (784.0 KB)

Now it’s working Thanks @ronanpeter