Multiple Conditions for Flow Decision activity

I need to check for multiple conditions in flow decision activity.

  1. Assigning Month name to a string variable

  2. Checking for multiple condition in flow decision activity

As flow decision only accepts Boolean data type i am not able to convert string as Boolean using convert method

Criteria is if month is Jan or Apr or July or October true branch should execute else false branch

Please help me with this

You have to write the condition in the below format

if((QuarterMonth=“January”) or (QuarterMonth=“April”) or (QuarterMonth=“July”) or (QuarterMonth=“October”))

and it will work fine and you don’t need to convert it to boolean explicitly

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Thanks @hafiz.ahsan I tried this earlier but i am getting the below error

((QuarterMonth=“January”) or (QuarterMonth=“April”) or (QuarterMonth=“July”) or (QuarterMonth=“October”))

without use if

Thanks @hafiz.ahsan @Yazan_Ghazal it worked

You don’t have to write if in the If activity, you only have to add remaining code

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A slightly simpler format…


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