How to check two condition in flow decision

I would like to verify two conditions with the same destination, in a single Flow Decision.
How can I do?

I have to check
Actual_Comp_Check = “Min” AND MM_Act > now.ToString("MM/yyyy”)
Actual_Comp_Check = “Mag” AND MM_Act > now.ToString("MM/yyyy”)

the double check does not seem to be accepted in the flow decision
and I would like to avoid trees in the stream flow.

Give a try on
{“Min”,“Mag”}.Contains(Actual_Comp_Check) And MM_Act > now.ToString("MM/yyyy”)

but keep in mind that MM_Act > now.ToString("MM/yyyy”) is doing a lexically order check

You can give a try as below, @AaronMark
(Actual_Comp_Check = “Min” AND MM_Act > now.ToString("MM/yyyy”)) Or
(Actual_Comp_Check = “Mag” AND MM_Act > now.ToString("MM/yyyy”))
Hope this may help you :slight_smile:

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