Multiple choice in dropdown list, based on Excel data

Good day everybody.
I need to go though the excel list with specific names like:
Option 1
Option 2
Option n…
And choose from the dropdown list in browser needed options.
The problem is that the site is build very strange (from my perspective) and here like values look like:

And I dont understand how should I do this. By inner text or rowName?

Any advises? :slight_smile:
Much appreciated


Which ever out of rowname and innertext contains the exact name that you are searching for you can use it…innertext as per me will definetely contain the required name

Also in excel if the casing is different then can use case sensitive also in selector to use


Hi @alyaska17

Please use the rowName field, that looks like some data is there, create a dynamic selector using your row Variable and use * as well after it.

That should help you in selecting elements.

Happy Automation! :smiley:

The problem is that options in excel from the list have only the beginning of the rowName but I will handle this.
So the flow should be next:
Reading data in excel table =>
Set this data as a variable =>
variable = rowName
But I dont understand completely how to “click” on needed option :smiley:

Hi @alyaska17

In the dropdown use extract datatable activity to extract the dropdown data as a datatable. Iterate the extracted datatable and take an if condition which the excel value matches with the each value in the extracted datatable. Then store the extracted datatable in a variable. Then pass the variable in the click activity selectors. Use the row name attribute to make dynamic selector.

Hope it helps!!

Wow thanks, I’ll try!

Welcome @alyaska17
If you find the solution, please mark as solution to close the loop

Happy Automation!!

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