How to select option from a list1

In this img i search company name & i want to select company name from below then how i do it for multiple companies.


This is my code in search box i take company name from excel after that search that name in search box then click on that company name from below list how it do for multiple companies

did you try select item activity? , in this you can give the value to select from dropdown

are you facing any issue with it?

other one which you have asked ,need to use dynamic selector and pass the value to it


Hi @Nikhil_Patil1

Read the excel file and store the data in datatable, then use a for loop and read each company name from the datatable , inside the for
Loop use the click activity to select the required company name.


This is not dropdown when i search company name & enter it shows no search found,
therefore, I have to search company name and select one company name from below given list this is do for multiple companies then how i do it

did you spy the any element in the list?

if not try to spy the one value and check the selector , mostly you should be able to make dynamic by using variable

it may be aaname or inner text just check or

post the selector to look possible ways to make it dynamic

Later you can use the click activity for that element


Spy the element in the list, make the selector dynamic using a variable and you can then use the click activity to select that option. Thanks!

can u send workflow for this

Your selector should look as shown below

First use a type into activity to type the stockName.
Then use a click activity with the below dynamic selector

Select Company (10.6 KB)

Loop this for multiple companies

Stock (18.6 KB)
This my workflow can u try in this workflow


Here is the updated code.
Use the stock symbol rather than name.

Stock (21.1 KB)

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Thank u so much