I am having excel sheet data in Excel - i read in read range:
Now data is there in data table - i am Searched in data table values in browser - browser giving 5 drop down values

Now my doubt is I have to click correct drop-down value in browser read from excel how to.do.anyone help pls


Try using Select Item Activity on the Dropdown.

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Could you please elaborate the problem you are facing with more details.


it’s not exactly drop down @supermanPunch like set of values shown in list manner in browser i have to click except read values from excel can u give some idea

images (3)

List of values shown in browser like that above image - i have to select exact value read from excel to select in browser


If you mean the values are already displayed and we wouldn’t need to Click on the Dropdown and select the required value. Then instead of Select Item activity, we could try with a Click Activity itself.

We can check on the Selector of the Click activity, and find the attribute which contains the value. Replace it with the variable which contains the value from excel being retrieved.

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Use ui explorer and then identify one of the list element and try using innertext which contains the name you want to click…you can include a variabe in place of that by right clivking on the name and then select the value you want to add

the selector should look something like this

<webctrl tag='LI' innertext='ABC' />

This selector that you identify can be used in a click activity to click on it as you added variable everytime it clicks on the related variable name

Hope this helps


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Try using dynamic selectors in the click activity.

Thanks @Anil_G :heartbeat:

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@supermanPunch Thanks :heartbeat:

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