Multi Email to One Sender

Hello, I am new.
I would like to find out how to send multi email with different mail contents to one sender?

It depends on what are the differences between each mail and the next one. Generally speaking, you could create a For Each loop (or Do…While, depending on your needs) and place the Send Outlook Mail Message inside the loop. In this case, you’ll need to store the different email contents somewhere (dictionary, datatable, …)

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Create a array with the email Id’s. Use for each loop to iterate the each mail Id. Inside the loop place the send outlook mail message activity to send the mail to the user. Give the currentitem in the TO Field in the activity. Check the below workflow for better understanding.

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Hello, will test and see if it works!~


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Instead of creating an array of mail ids …I believe you need an array of mail bodies or …you can save the mail bodies in a datatable or in excel and then we can use a for each row in datatable and then send the email with the data from excel/datatable in the loop currentRow("Body").ToStringwill give the value from excel assuming the column name is Body in excel