How to send an email per each recipients using Outlook (each email with unique attachment)


I want to send an email to like 16 recipients, and each recipient with attachments. I can perform it by using 16 send outlook mail activity but is there any more efficient way to do it?

Hi @caduque

You can use a loop

And loop through the collection and send mail to each

If u can give more idea on how the recipient nane and attachment name looks like it would be helpful to design the workflow

The recipient name looks like a normal email like, the attachment is an argument from an invoked workflow I have. I’m not familiar with Collection? Can you provide sample on how to perform that?

How is the attachment name is there any similarlity with the receipent email name?

Yes that’s correct, so I can distinguish which file is for this recipient.

Hi @caduque

How ?

Can u give an example

can save the mail address in a excel or csv file. read the data into a datatable variable.
use for each row activity to loop each row (each address).

@caduque Create one excel file with an email id and respective paths for a file to be attached. Like below
Then read the excel file and use “for each row” to loop and send emails using one send outlook email activity in the body…Just need to pass row(0).ToString to the Email ID and row(1).ToString to Attachment argument…

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