Msedge, killing app in REFramework

Hi all!

I have a problem with REF.

In my xaml I need to enter into an intranet. I use a user and a password to get in.

So, in my REF scheme I begin by trying to kill msedge with a CMD action. Actually, I manage to kill msedge, the issue is that when I reopen it again, and the process tries to get into the intranet I told you above, somehow Edge “remembers” the user and password of previous connection and does not ask me for the credentials of new persons (I need to use a different user and pass in this second transaction), and logs me in with the id of the previous person, which is not what I want.

Do you know how can I really kill all previous actions with Edge and make it “forget” about previous credentials I used?

By the way, if I close manually the msedge browser, and re-run the xaml again, in this case, edge does not “remember” those previous credentials. It only behaves in this unwanted manner when I kill the process with a CMD action or with a kill process activity within the xaml.

Ah! It does not happen the same with Chrome. With Chrome, I would not suffer this unwanted effect. In all cases, browser manually closing or CMD-Kill automatic processing, Chrome does not “remember” past id user and pass.

I know changing from Edge to Chrome might be an option, however, I would have to spend such a lot of time to change all UI automation activities from Edge to Chrome, that I would prefer not to do it, if I can avoid it.

Thank you very much for your help.


Thank you very much for your help.

Did you try use the close application, first check if it’s open then close it instead killing the process?

Like closeAllApplication xml from reframework, also search if there’s any configuration we can change in edge to forget the opened session


@ccrespo9669 It could be because of microsoft edge saving ur credentials . Could you try to clear all those from browser using below link

Save or forget passwords in Microsoft Edge.

Hello @ccrespo9669,

This sometimes happens when loggin into webpages. Kill process activity doesnt log out.

In this case, you need to close Intranet via closing tab. You can use sent hotkey ctrl + w.

You need to put, if element exist (in this case webpage), close it via ctrl + w

Dont use kill process as it will happen again :slight_smile:

Well, this is another problem. I do not know what is going on, but my version of Studio does not offer me the option to use “open application” any more, instead, I can only see “Use application / browser”, which is not the same I am crazy trying to emulate tuorials based on the other way of coding… That is why I cannot use “Close Application”.

I have seen that if I clos manually the windows of msedge, next time my process works fine without “remembering” my client’s credentials, but If I use CMD to “Kill msedge.exe” then it does “remember” last client credentials.

Please active the classic experience to get those activities, you can do it from the filter in activities panel, or in the project settings disabling the modern experience, also for use app is there a propertie called close, you can use it as well

Thank you very much for your answer, but I need to keep my credentials, I just want to edge to do what it does normally when I manually close the windows. How can I close automatically all windows? “Kill process” is asumed by Edge as an abnormal close, and I do not know what happens then, what is the reason for when I invoke the intranet I need, it answers autofilling user and password from my last client.

Is this a good practice for Reframework? Remeber, I am in the “Killallprocesses” sub-process, and I do not know if there is any edge browser open. How should I discover and how should I proceed? What webpage do I use for defining my Element Exists for edge? What would you do?

@ccrespo9669 How many windows you have to close ?

I do not know. It will depend on other processes that might have not ended well, etc. It would be perfect if “taskkill /F /IM msedge.exe” would work in CMD (as Chrome does, by the way…), because it closes all windows no matter how many there might be, but it is not the case, taskkill in CMD is not a solution…

I think this will work. I have tried “Close app” with edge, and worked. I will introduce it into a Try/catch to make sure it does not throw an exception in the case the browser might be closed, and … cross-fingers…

I will come back to confirm the result.

Thank you very much, you and all the other mates that answer my request!!!

Great, don’t forget to close the topic


Yes I know it is not the best practice… but kill process will keep mantaining the credentials…

What I do is a Do while. And inside I put element exist (I open web browser and there click the element exist, and in the selector just leave edge.exe). Then the robot will search all opened browser will the verification in the do while.

Thank you very much Angel.

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