MS Word change page orientation


Does anyone know how to change the orientation of pages in MS Word, in a workflow? I have tried using hotkeys and understand that Word macros cannot be activated using UiP.


hi @tobor

Can you please try using recording? For example opening word → clicking the Layout tab → And make changes using click activities.



Yeah try the click activities.

But if that doesn’t work
you could try getting key presses to work.
ALT shows the letter sequence you need to press.

ALT + P + O + Down <— would be for page layout

Thank you @Gourav_Kumar and @ClaytonM . The recording worked perfectly.

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What about executing a macro on startup to avoid the need for UI automation?

With the new Invoke Code activity we’ll soon be able to do whatever we want in Word :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion @richarddenton. However, if I run the macro on startup, would that not cause all of the word documents to be created in landscape?