Moving sub folders from a folder to a new existing folder

hii guys, i have a query,where i have a folder namely parent and in that it contain 10 sub folders say (child1,child2…child10) i tried with invoke method but it is not moving folders if i mentioned the destination path,and if i run it without mentioning the destination path don’t know to where it is moving the folder. and even i tried with directory.getdirectories but showing error.plz help me out from this. gone through forum but couldn’t find any solution.

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Hi @venkatmalla6

Yes you are right there many posts regarding this particularly.

Can you attach your workflow or show me what is the error?



hi buddy
did you mention like this

Cheers @venkatmalla6

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@Palaniyappan @PrankurJoshi hii buddy,even i used like that but when i mentioned the destination path it is showing error as : “Invoke method: Cannot create a file when that file already exists” it is working only if destination path is not mentioned.

but that should work for sure
destination folder should not be there already
Cheers @venkatmalla6

@Palaniyappan yeah as you said if we don’t mention any destination folder it is working,but it is moving the folder to somewhere which is quite hard to find the moved folder.i tried without mentioning the destination path and it worked but couldn’t able to find the folder to where it has stored.

its not like without destination folder rather is like the folder should not exists already buddy
a new folder name should be mentioned
Cheers @venkatmalla6

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@Palaniyappan ok got it buddy,is it possible to move it to a folder which is already exist.

No i guess
but there must be some workaround
Cheers @venkatmalla6

@Palaniyappan thanks for your time buddy.