Move folder with a file in it

Hello is it possible to move a entire folder with a file in it to another location, also keeping the same name on folder and file ?

Hi @langsem

yes i

Ashwin S

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you can use invoke method!

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Already tried this, also with the powershell method etc. But getting a error "Pathto dont exist " like my destination to move the folder to dont exist or cant find the path for some reason

okay no worries
try this workflow and let me knowMove Files.xaml (5.6 KB)
cheers @langsem

so i need copy activty aswell?

no both are different!
which one is suitable for you can use!

Oh nice! ok thanks let me try some :slight_smile:

RenameFileRetry.xaml (8.1 KB)
if not this
go to variable panel and change the paths

with the first method u sent i am getting error " cannot create file when it already exist"

okay try with the second workflow it’ll help!

the one with the suffix ?


but that will change the name of the folder ?

no bro!
checck in variable panel change there that’s it!

did not work, still cant find the path

show me the variablePanel