How to move the folder which is in a same directory

I have a directory from where i want to move the folder
but where in want to move the folder is present in a same directory
Like for example
In this above path i have a 2 folders
but i want these 2 folders should be inside one folder lets say "Input"which i will be created during the process only .And the path of the newly created folder is shown below
.So,the destination path of the moved folder should be

But i m getting “Move folder Exception”

Please Help

Hi @Doonline

Please find below link for your reference

Happy learning

Whats the target type


If destination folder would not exist then how i ll move

Hi @Doonline you should have a folder check condition before moving the file to ensure that folder is present if not create a new folder

You can use Path Exists activity to find a folder/File exists or not. The activity will return an boolean value

Folder check condition will be after invoke?

No before invoke @Doonline

Have that path exist check first and if the folder exist

Move to next activity invoke

Else create a folder and then move to invoke

Which path should exist?
The destination path or the source path?

@Doonline destination path because that is what you feel won’t be present right

Basically check for your input folder
If present then move it inside document folder

Else create a folder called input first and then move it inside to document folder

“The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.”

Can you try in other drives ( D or E)

No i cant.My whole project is in same drive only

This is one more sample try downloading the xaml in your system