Moving Pool Breaks Updates in all other actions


There is a weird bug in version 22.4.4 (latest release at time of writing).

With the new Pool activity, if you move it at all it breaks updates on all other elements.
To repeat the bug you can use the following capture file below or open a brand new one and execute the following steps.

Before the pool is moved, you can edit the description or colours of all elements in the workflow.
Move the pool anywhere on the screen, now none of those properties can be updated, colour changes do not register and neither do any descriptions written against an activity.

Pool (1.8 KB)

Thanks for sharing a repro @Jon_Smith ! I used the latest version, 22.4.6, of Task Capture and was able to reproduce the issue. Unfortunately, we don’t have a planned release at this time as we aren’t doing further feature development on Task Capture. We’ll keep it on the backlog though and consider it if we do have a future release planned for the client.

Then frankly I don’t know how you can expect anyone to seriously consider using your product. This is a bug thats existed for a year, that I reported 5 months ago and your attitude is ‘we’ll consider fixing it if we decide to make a new feature’.

Thats extremely poor. This is a bug, you should patch it, its not about a feature request. If you are unwilling to provide basic bug support unless you happen to be working on it and it perhaps fits into your plans then I can never recommend using Task Capture to any customers as its simply unreliable and the support given none-existent.

I fully understand your frustration Jon and I apologize that we don’t have a planned release for Task Capture at this time. We absolutely will continue to track this bug and will fix it if there is a new release. At this time, our investments have moved to Assisted task mining instead of Task Capture.

Sadly this doesn’t help me since you demonstrate you are not willing to do a reasonable level of bug fixing and support on that product. As such, even if you do fix it, it is too much of a risk for me to use it for anything to then find another critical bug that you won’t fix so I have to abandon any usage of it.

Just wanted to follow-up on this bug, we just released a new version of Task Capture that addresses this issue. Thanks for your patience!