All activity running multiple time (Not Programmed for that)

Hello Guys,

I am trying to make a workflow were I do not need to upload file manually, instead it gets automated.

The file is to be upload every-time it is Updated in a specified folder. I have figured out all the steps and made it work, only error I am getting is that “It is Running Multiple Times”. It opens Browser again do all the activities again.

I am using “Monitor Event” and “File Change” activities to perform this task. I am sharing my workflow below.

Please if you have time have a look and suggest how to make it write.

Thank you,

First off, you should try to include less information in your workflow file and just have a copy of a template of it.

Second, try to uncheck last accessed from the trigger. Might be that this might trigger it again when reading it. or play with those settings.

You ment company information? Or information related to workflow?

I saw hard-coded URLS and panicked :slight_smile: Seems you have it sorted, but still personally i would just make a mock-up of the situation and share that instead of the complete workflow.

That aside, did you try changing the trigger values?

Thanks man,not yet. Wanna wait for tommorow office time.

Hey @MickeyFireMouse ,

I unchecked “last Access” in Notification Filters, I have checked “File Name”, “Size” and “last write”. It is working perfectly and not running loops.

However, I it not able to perfect the workflow when i download the file. The workflow gives out a “Assign” Error when i Download the file and “replace it”.

I don’t know what happened the loops started Running again. I am running 2 loops every instance a " File Trigger Activity" is generated.

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