Move UiPath Orchestrator from Server 2012R2 to another Server 2016


i just want to move the UiPath Orchestrator 2021.4 from Server A to Server B.
Just a simple Server Swap.

I found this About Updating and Migrating but it doesnt help me because i think it seems to be a different doing.

Additional Infos:

  • The DNS-Name from the Server changes
  • The Windows Server Version changes from 2012R2 to 2016
  • The Database where the Logs are, will be the same. e.g. Server C

What i already did?
I Installed the Orch. 21.4 on Server B and copied the whole folder “Orchestrator” from Server A to B and changed the UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config, appsettings.Production.json (Identity) to the new URL but it redirects me still to the old Server A Orchestrator.

I want to keep all the Settings, Logs, Packages, everything just on a new Server. 1 to 1 Copy!
Is there a short Step-By-Step Guide for me to swap the server.

We are enterprise user in Germany.

Many thanks
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@steke - Did you try below approaches?

Approach:1 [Including cloning of database]

  1. Kindly, find the Steps for backup and restore here: Orchestrator Backup and Restore the existing DB to another server

  2. Stop the Orchestrator site in IIS

  3. Update the connection strings in
    1. UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config file located in the Orchestrator installation directory
    2. appSettings.production.json files located in Identity
    3. Webhooks folders in the installation directory.

  4. Start the Orchestrator site in IIS.

Approach to migrate the Orchestrator

  • We infer that you want to move the orchestrator from one server to another. In order to achieve this, you can just install the required version of Orchestrator in the new server by pointing it to the old database(which is already being used by the existing Orchestrator web application). You can stop the old Orchestrator website and try accessing the new one.
  • As the database is being moved, Please make sure that the SQL user mentioned in the connectionstring exists in the new server and it should have enough access to read/write from the database. It would be good if you can provide db_owner access to the user.

UiPath Installation and Upgrade

Orchestrator Backup and Restore

This page provides a sample solution for creating scheduled backups of your Orchestrator SQL database. See here how to back up the related web.config and UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config files and NuGet packages, and here details on backing up your Insights database, if applicable. Backing Up the Orch…

Approach 2: [Movement of UiPath Orchestrator application only]
How To:

  1. Run the clean install on the server pointing to a database. (Either the installer will create one for you, or you can create one prior to the installation.)
  2. After performing the install, point the server to the desired DB by updating the connection string in the following locations:

In the Identity Folder:

In the Webhooks Folder:

Please see Change SQL connection string database connection change Note: We recommend backing up your database and configuration files before performing any updates or migrations. Please see the following documentation:
Backup and Restore

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If above doesn’t help then please reach out to my team via below form and we would be glad to help

I Installed the Orch. 21.4 on Server B and copied the whole folder “Orchestrator” from Server A to B and changed the UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config, appsettings.Production.json (Identity) to the new URL.

Till the above the steps are correct
Now you have to update the New URL in database as well in below tables.

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