UiPath Orchestrator Migration to another windows server 2012


We are migration UiPath 2019 version from one secure Windows server ( 2012 R2) to another secured Windows Server (2012 R2). This is for Corporate internal decsion enhanced security in the destination server.
We are planning both UAT and Prod environments.

What are the Consideration should consider while migration Orchestration? Any suggestions appreciate.


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Hi, did you get a solution for this? Can you please let me know.

Hi @shyammaddi
You have several options, I hope you are using VMs
So if you able to excact image of app server into new vm most issues will not be happen

Check server name and ip is different or not,
If yes check the sync of DB is ok.

Check db connection settings on app server is calling correct orchestrator db on IIS

Check IIS settings and relevant you already setup in your existing app server

If you changing DB server also then check between ping on app and db server both side is ok.

If its ok most of issues will be sort.
And as you mentioned of your enhanced security of servers my be blocked somewhere anyhow