Moving Orchestrator, keeping same DB connection

I’m looking at the process of moving Orchestrator to a new server. Currently running on Windows2012 which goes out of support in October. The database will stay the same so can I just install with the platform installer on the new server and provide the connection string. I will need to change the DNS configuration and move or create a new SSL certificate. Just seen a link to say you need to use the command line installer not the platform installer. Is that still valid or for an old version.

Hi @chrisspring ,

Yes it’s possible with the MSI installer and command line.
Anyway, I highly recommand to back up every DB related to your UiPath installation.
Also, you will have to dig into your DB to update the differents URI redirection etc… in the Identity Server DB with the DNS change.

The best you can do is ask to the UiPath support for some help. It’s quite tricky.

You have some example provided below.

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I think the safest option is to do a clean install with a fresh database and when it’s all working, switch the connection strings to the existing database and delete the one created with the installer

Well that didn’t work. I found another post where you change the url in the app.production.json files and copy the encryption key from the old orchestrator.dll.config to the new one. Get various 500 and errors. Is this not a common function to move the Orchestrator web application to a different server whilst keeping the same database?