Copy table in excel and replace in word doc while keeping the formatting

I want to copy a selected table in excel and replace it at certain position in word doc in background while keeping the data formatting. I have tried copy the table and use “get from clipboard” and save it as variable. However, when i replace it in “word application scope” with “replace text”, the output is not in table format. Is there a way to keep the format? Please help, thanks in advance.

Hello Buddy @Ka.Hern,

I have created a flow for replacing the word “Cell” in the excel table and write it back to the Word document. Please check and let me know. (33.5 KB)

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Hello buddy,
The output is not really what I desired. I wish to copy the data from excel which shown above and replace in it doc of “< Paste >” with the same format. So it is not really a table, the problem with “Get from clipboard” is that the format is different, all the words are stick together when it is pasted. Sorry and thanks in advance.