How to print data table along with its Color code in Word File?


This is my Input excel file I want this same table with its Color Code in Word file, Unfortunately Cant able to get the Color Code in Word File…Suggest a method to get blue Color in Required area.

please check this , follow if it is of any use


I have tried this perfectly working for Small Data Table, In the Case of Big Data Table Alignments are not Comming Perfectly. Cant able to see half of the table.

can you try in this way

First format the the cells in excel width and height by reducing

Later you try remaining steps

Can you let me know how is manually done in this scenario (ie Large data tables )


how to reduce width and height in excel

Try autofit activity and check how it works

also other way would be using macro

is it possible to change the word file alignment to landscape?

Can you give the sample file that could be required to paste in the word

also how this is handled manually?