Move Outlook mail Activity with Screenshot and Add to his body

Hi All

I have a scenario in which I have to move mail from parent inbox to another folder with add data into his subject + Screenshot with it.

Any suggestion to do it, Forwarding and then move is not a stable way.

when you get the emails they will be an MailMessage object, you can try to change its properties and then use the move mail activity…

Can you share any sample,Pls

did you click the link? it shows examples on how to use the object and set properties, attachments…

Yes, but confused to use it with UiPath

you can use even assign activities like this:
MyEmailMessaVariable.Subject = MyEmailMessaVariable.Subject + " my annotation"

Doesn’t work :frowning:

and what happens?

I have to add into body and add attachment into mail, Then Move

well, do all the changes you need then… move only after all…