Change the body of Mail and Move it-Outlook

Hi All

I want to add data into the Body with the screenshot of the error and Move it into the Reject folder.
Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Check out the Send Outlook Mail Message activity. It lets you modify the body of the email and attach files.

To move the screenshot to the Reject folder, use the Move File activity.

Hi Anthony,

Yes we can add the screenshot and Body into the Send outlook mail activity, But by this we just send the mail again to the folder and then we can move it.(The Inbox will have 2 Mails Old and New into it- New we can move with it unique subject but Old?)

I just want a straight way to add body & Screenshot and then Move.

Use the Move Outlook Mail Message to move the message from one mail location to another.

Any sample xaml??

Hello @ShekharRPA,

Did you find a solution?


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