Export Outlook Mail Folder

Hi, has anyone done or have any sample for exporting of export outlook mail folder.

I tried reading the features and think it may be using click, type into. But selction of folder is synamic so click image and click text may not work. Appreciate any reference. Thanks

I hope we dont have a specific Activity to export the whole as a folder, but we have an activity called move mail Activity that could help you move the mails from one folder to another… For more info on that kindly have a view on this buddy

Cheers @Kindergarden

Thanks. I am trying to export the outlook data folder into a file, ie .pst.

In outlook email, one could create a folder to store selected email. And in outlook, we could export this folder as another email file .pst file.

Screemshot attached.

I managed to create a simple one but fo not know how to dynamically assign a folder as mailbox may have many folders.

Anybody could help touch up will help a lot. Thanks !
export-outlook.xaml (16.4 KB)

I tried creating one. It could export the outlook data folder into hardcoded path while I used click on dialog box.

(i) Can someone help me change to saving filename with input variable and save into the folder where program is run? Eg. dynamically assign var1='formsg.pst" and saved into d:\uat if the program is run there.

(ii) also, I allow for variable to select folder to be downloaded. However, if the folder is further down the list, then the program will pormpt for manual scrolling as I am using click text - but the click text dialog could only capture subset of the screen until i scroll down.

Thanks !

11PNG export-outlook - manual.xaml (18.8 KB) Capture14

PS I have attached the program for reference.
export-outlook - manual.xaml (18.8 KB)

Hi, is there anyone who could help on this. Appreciate.