Move File Working without if statement


I’m trying to search in a folder of text files for files that contain party. However, none of the files are moving to the new folder. I am not getting errors when running the program

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Hi @sparkplug93
h@ve you tried using without if statement

ashwin S

No I haven’t. How would I search without it?

Thanks for your help

Hi @sparkplug93

Dont give the if statement

ashwin S

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your Read Text File is outputting the result in a variable and NOT in “item”, so your IF must test that variable instead…

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How do I interact with the output variable from Read Text File. That makes perfect sense though

set that to a variable of string type of your choice:


In Move File activity, specify path as item. No need to specify full path again and it contains already.

Now my path is just textfile with no “”

Hi @sparkplug93

Perfect give it @s textfile

@shwin S

destination can be only a folder and source must be “item”.

When I use item get “could not find a part of the path”
When I use textfile1 i get “illegal characters in path”

item must work unless you dont have permissions… if the activity Read Text File found the file and read it, then it exists :slight_smile:

Do i need to use textfile1 at all?

dont think so, i dont know where textfile1 came from either :wink:

Ashwin recommended a variable for the output on the reader

The output of the reader you named a variable TextFile and not textfile1…

Shout the output be item

item = the files names
TextFile = the files content

So where should I put TextFile? Thanks