Searching Text Files in Folder


I need to perform a keyword search in text files in a folder. I am using ReadTextFile then an if statement. My variables are string.

I want to look for a keyword then if it’s in the file, move it to another folder. How can this be resolved

The condition should be like,

IF text.Contains(“keyword”)

Then move to another folder, else do something @sparkplug93


See attached. Any ideas? Thanks again

If Text is the output of the Read text file activity, then you don’t need to write IF again in the condition @sparkplug93

Just Text.contains is enough. Make sure the output of the read text file activity is same as the one you are providing in the condition

Should the path be file destination\item and what would the destination be? Destination\item as well?

Thanks again

Item will have entire path, if you want to use the same path of the text file you use, you can use that, else you can give the new path there

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