Move File Saying "File Exists"

The process should move the file from the Downloads folder to another path, but I am receiving an error saying “The file exists”. The weird thing is, this is only happening for one user, all other users can move the file. This makes me think that a file is hidden on the user’s computer somewhere but I searched and did not find it. It may also be a permissions issue because the file name is being changed during the move?

Has anybody else experienced this or have any idea why this might be happening?


It has nothing to do with any other folder than the one in the destination. Show us your Move File activity.


This probably isn’t going to help much and I prefer not to show the full paths. Like I said, it works on other computers

You shouldn’t use + to make full file paths. Use Path.Combine


If the slashes in destinationPath aren’t right, you’ll end up trying to create a file like c:\tempFM112.xlsx but Path.Combine handles this for you.

This may be your problem. Also, what is destinationPath, how are you populating it?

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I can try using Path.Combine

destinationPath is just a shared path that I assign before the move file activity