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hi, i am doing an automation where i am moving a file but only when its exist. so i used do while loop .its loops untill file exist…but problem is that it still not stop though file is available. I have stop it manually and also getting hanging problem from UiPath. please let me know is any other way for this?(last result i want that move file if its exist)

You can use a file change trigger which will look for an event like a file created at specific folder:
Below link will provide more details:
Activities - File Change Trigger V3 (

Does the log message state True even when the file exists? Or can you just see the file existing but it still reports false?


  1. Use the File Exists activity to check if the file exists.
  2. If the file exists, use the Move File activity to move the file to the desired destination.
  3. If the file does not exist, the workflow will simply terminate.

Thank you

Hi @Hemant_Deshmukh

Assign FileExists = File.Exists(“path_to_your_file”) (FileExists Var type = Boolean)

If FileExists
Use the ‘Move File’ activity to move the file to the desired location.
Log message or take necessary action indicating the file doesn’t exist.

Hope this will help you to understand better.


sorry every one i was stupid…i didn’t know about activity called "wait for download " this activity solved my problem

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