Monitor Events - Only Hotkey Trigger works


I am trying to get Monitor Events working, but I am unable to get it to respond to Triggers. The only one that seems to work is the Hotkey Trigger. For testing I went to and set the following triggers

Key Press Trigger on the search box for if Ctrl a is pressed
Click Image Trigger on the Google Logo
Click Trigger on the I’m feeling lucky button

I am running the latest version of UIPath 2019.1
I have attached my project folder. Can some one please tell me what I am doing wrong, or if there is some specific setup I need for the monitor events to work? (I have the chrome UiPath Plugin installed and enabled and working for normal clicking and typing) (70.5 KB)

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Hi @Kevin_Schenk

Thanks for reporting. It looks like all four possible triggers work without an issue in IE.

I double checked and our team is already aware of the issue. It will get fixed :slight_smile:


Hi Maciej,

I am working on the triggers and I am facing the same issue apart from hot key other triggers aren’t working. Any update on fixing this issue. I see it works fine in IE. But any idea in which release this will be fixed for other browsers. If already fixed may I know which version it is available. I am using UIPath 2019.4.0-beta.109