How to read and Edit email body

Hello Every one,

This time I have to read the incoming email with a certain subject line, edit the same and forward to the concerned team.

  1. Get Outlook Mail Messages------To read inbox mail
  2. For Each Loop----------------------To Iterate through mail inbox
  3. IF condition to work on specific email only ----------Subject.Contains(“Reservation confirmation”)
    and don’t know what to do next? :thinking:

you were almost done
inside the loop after IF get the string from item.Body.ToString to a string variable named strmailbody

then we can edit that as you want and mention that variable as input to body property in REPLY TO OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY

Cheers @Bijay_Jha

Thanks for your Reply,

Can you please share the logic and activates name that i have to used.

Thanks in Advance

what you have done is perfect buddy
just we need to add two activities inside the THEN part of IF condition in your current process workflow
and the first activity is assign activity with which you can edit the mail body and assign that to a string variable named strinput
then the second one to be used is REPLY TO OUTLOOK MAIL activity which is what is used to reply back to the mail we want where we can mention the string variable strinput that has the changed mail body

Cheers @Bijay_Jha

Thanks Palaniyappan,

Here I have to read entire mail in HTML format and then have to edit the email so the format remains same.
As i am new to UI path will you please elaborate the same, how it can be done ?

Hey Palaniyappan,

how would I do it if I want to edit an email (sub line + body) and then save it (not send it)? any ideas please ?