Mobile Automation - Data scraping

Is it possible to do Data Scrapping of Mobile application in Mobile Automation??

Hi @Rajesh_Agrawal - I guess it’s not possible. But,you can extract the text from an Ui element. Please check below link

Test Suite - Mobile Automation Activities (

Hi @ushu Thank you for replying.
But I’m using Get Text activity but it only capturing that particular data. I need to same capture structured data.


You do not have scrapping of tables and all…

but you can create a loop and get all the data as well using get text inside the loop and leverage properties like idx or tablerow or etc to loop through each element in the data you want to scrap…then create a datatable out of it



Hi. Thank you for the reply.

Let’s say there a restaurant menu.
Item Name
This is Line item 1

So I have used Get Text activity 4 times, to capture Item Name, Price, Description & Calories. And then I have used Build Data table and Write Range to get those data in the excel.
But how do I add Line item 2? There are let’s say 500 items in the menu.


Output loop will be for rows and inner loop for columns

Yes it would have…it would take time…

Alternately you can try get text on whole of the table and then try generate datatable but this depending on how the data is coming and if we are able to separate


Get text activity does not select whole of the table, here in our case it does not select entire menu. It just selects one item, Like Item Name. Hence, I had to use Get text 4 times. Using Get Text activity 4 times for each Line Item would be very time taking.


I agree it would be…but as of now that is the only way to do it on mobile

I am not sure if get text is able to get from single row that way instead of 4 you will do one for each row


Got it. Really appreciate it. Thank you man. Cheers

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