ML package Document understanding OCR URL

Hello, i wanted to create a new ML package in the UI cloud but when i´m creating the package it asks for the OCR url that i found in the documentation is the type http://<IP_addr>:<port_number> but im not sure were to find the IP_addr and the port_number. Can somenone clarify to me were to find them?

Thank you!!

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See the documentation: Using AI Center™

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Thank you! I can´t find the solution to my problem in the documentation, when i go to ML Skills in the orchestator it says that an error has occured but nothing else so there is not much information about what i can do to solve it.

I m stuck with same issue. Where to get the OCR URL and OCR Api Key? @Forum_Staff

You can find key on Orchestrator Platform:

And everything is described in documentation: