ML Packages

I am unable to find ML packages in orchestrator.

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Hi @seemajethe02
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To enable it , you have to request enterprise trail or use your enterprise license

General community edition doesn’t have it yet

I already have Enterprise Trial

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Please refer the following

I have already read this and tried.

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@seemajethe02 ok
Can u tell us that what is the issue you are facing then

I am unable to access the ML Packages, Datasets in UIPath AI Fabric .I do not find an option for ML packages, ML datasets etc

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Seems like something wrong ,
Please open the Ticket for Technical support

ok I will try

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@seemajethe02 could you click on three dots button (top right) and check if you have log in option? If yes give it a try first.


yes I have login option In my AI Fabric platform page.

And it doesn’t work when you click on login ?

It works when I click on login

could u please help me with the issue?

Not sure I understand, you said it works when you click on login, what is remaining issue?

The issue is although I am able to login to AI Fabric platform but after logging in I cannot find menus like ML packages, ML Skills.

Hum looks like login is actually not working, could you please create a ticket for our support and/or point me to it once it’s done? I’ll try to follow up on it but we need to investigate.