ML Extractor Invoice processing


Hi Legends,
While using machine Learning extractor we are getting below error
Data Extraction Scope: Invalid response: content=Failed to consume license code=Forbidden trace_id=
I am using Machine learning skill, however error suddenly starting popping up, wasnt there on a first few runs
Using API Key from other services to connect

Hi @Saurabh_Grover
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  1. Can you please check if you have available page-count allocated to your license (although, as you have said that it worked for ‘first few runs’, it’s unlikely that it consumed 16000 pages)
  2. Also, verify that the API key on your license is correctly configured (depending on if someone else in your organisation has access to the cloud, someone may have generated a new one).
    Check this thread to read a discussion about this.
  3. As a last resort, I suggest you generate a new API key and reconfigure the Data Extraction Scope activity with the new key.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for your response, however this is how my Document understanding looks like, I have also used the API key from the same

The above hasnot resolved the issue I had - Page count allocated to my licenses, is this from document understanding page.

Please contact your account manager to raise a ticket with licensing/dealhub. Your license is disabled. I can’t presume why.

Internal error code in LA: “403 - License is not enabled. Current status is DISABLED.”
cc: @Raisa_Bragarea @ovi

Can you provide the LicenseCode or account URL?
You can find the license code in Admin - Organization settings.

Hi Thanks for this,
here’s the URL - macmavkgscxm

Also is this the License code

License key was removed by Forum Staff

I suggest you take this matter offline with UiPath staff or at least in personal messages.
It is not recommended to share license codes or any keys on public forum posts for the sake of your account’s security.