Missing Scope Error from Slack

While the configuration for Slack Scope is successful, it produces an error when I try to retrieve messages using Get Messages activity or send a message using the Send Message activity.

The error is:

Activity ended with error:
     Error Code: [202] 
     Message: Missing scopes: Please select them in the scope activity. 
Please select the following scopes on the Scope Activity and on slack.com: channels:read,groups:read,mpim:read,im:read.

Even though I have added all the required scopes, it still says “missing scope” above:

Are you really sure you have all the scopes there? What about


Try to add some more generic scopes (even if the error message is not mentioning them) from the areas (but it seems like you already did). I remember when I was working with it that the scopes in reality and scopes in documentation were slightly different…

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I have added that too. It’s just that it couldn’t get captured in the screenshot because it was down in the list. I added all the scope that you have shown in your video. And, interestingly, I’ve been following your RPA Friday video itself!

I have added them using your automation workflow from your source code “add_scopes.xaml”.

Oh cool! I am happy this little sequence was still working.

Btw, now when I read the error of yours once again, it actually says “select them in the scope activity”. I looked at my code from the video and I have the activity scopes like that:

Take a look :wink:

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Yep, I just had a look at mine and it looks the same:

But still no luck! Do your Slack activities still work?

haha, I tried to run it and got the ““best”” error ever: One or more errors occured :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Anyways, did my script correctly add scopes to User Token Scopes?
Is you Token defined correctly? Are all other permissions set on?
Maybe… try to downgrade/upgrade package version :thinking: ?
what if you add ALL the scopes? :smiley:
(I am just trying out of head, I dont have time and space to reproduce now)