Problem with Retry Scope - Editing shared Excel


I have a problem building an RPA artifact.

I am trying to edit an Excel file in a specific shared folder. Sometimes, I get an error when RPA tries to write a range inside an Excel Application scope activity, because there is a problem related to our network. In fact, if I try to “retry” in debugging mode, it always access to the Excel file at second attempt.

I am designing a Retry Scope activity, in order to automate this retry solution, but the RPA is still blocked when this situation happens.

Can anybody help me defining this retry activity?

Thanks in advance

The error is telling you that there is an internal problem, not that you’ve configured your activity wrong. Is Excel installed on the computer you have Studio open on?

Yes, Excel is installed and the file exists. At the beginning of the process, the RPA is reading information from the same file without any problem. Later, when the RPA is trying to write info in this file, this error is raised SOMETIMES. And when I manually retry in debugging mode, the RPA is able to open the file and perform the write range activity.

My point is I understood that retry scope activity should retry the “action” box when an internal error happens. Is it like that? If not, how could I fix my problem?

Thank you!

Yes, Retry will repeat if there is an error, or based on the condition (which can be left blank and then it’s just based on if there is an error).

Have you tried the Workbook activities? Upgrading Excel Activities to the latest version?