SharePoint Application scope Error: File Not Found

Hai All,

I am getting error in Share Point application scope activity.Help me how to resolve that error.The error screenshot attached below.


Check its documentation (SharePoint Custom Activities Documentation.pdf) from this link: SharePoint Custom Activities Package - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

You may try also version 1.7.0 (Works with UiPath 2018.4 or above. Only version 1.7.0 is compatible with Studio 2021.4)

Thank you for you reply. I will check


I am using version 1.7.0 only but still same error. I am not abot to understand the error.

Hello @palanikumar ,

Check the files are there or not in that path(SharePoint path) or there could be possibility of file names mismatch.

Cheers :tada:

Hai Irfan,

I am getting error in SharePoint application scope activity. And files are there in the SharePoint.


Hello @palanikumar ,

Could you please check that SharePoint path? That path is correct or not.