Missing method exception - CSVwrite

I am trying read from a webpage and write the content to a CSV file. However, I am getting error message as " Write CSV: Method not found: 'CsvHelper.Configuration.CsvConfiguration CsvHelper.CsvWriter.get_Configuration()".

I have added mesaagebox prior to this step and rowcount is giving > 0…can someone help?

I have installed UIpath 2 days back and packages (excel.Activites version 2.4.6863) add after installation.

Appreciate your help.


While installing have you installed all dependencies?? If yes church if you included the namespace related to CSV.

Hi Divya,
while installing I haven’t received any errors… i have included excel package explicitly. Attached screenshot of packages added.

 I am seeing <x:String>CsvHelper.Configuration</x:String>
  <x:String>CsvHelper.Configuration.Attributes</x:String> in the name space.  entries present in .xaml file.

Should I delete these entries and try the execution ?.

I don’t see option for removing namespace entries from the tool directly. Removed the entries from the .xaml file and executed. Issue still persist.

Also once I close the project and reopened it, I am noticing above entries added again to the file.

Hi @sAshok73

Please attach a full sample project that has an issue:

  1. Create a blank project
  2. Add the minimum amount of activities that cause a crash
  3. Test if the crash happens
  4. Package the entire project and attach here on the forum

It will help a lot in debugging your issue :slight_smile: