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Hello everyone,

I am currently assigned to two Automation Cloud organizations. One of them is still on a Community License and one of them is on an Enterprise License.

While configuring a process, I’m trying to use the Job recording feature, and set it to Record and store failed queue transactions. I’ve done this before in a Community License tenant.

However, this option does not exist while on the Enterprise License.

It seems a bit odd to me that the Enterprise version of the Orchestrator would have less features than the Community one. Is there any way to activate this feature? Or change the Orchestrator version to the one I have on the Community organization?

I should mention none of them is running on prem.


Hi @razvan.chiose

As that Feature is a Preview we can only Use that in Community version but not in Enterprise Version

If you want to Use that feature You need the Purchase the Enterprise License

Hope it clarifies you doubt :slight_smile:


The Record and store failed queue transactions feature is only available in the Community and Standard editions of UiPath Orchestrator. It is not available in the Enterprise edition.

This is because the Enterprise edition is designed for large-scale deployments with high-volume transaction processing. Recording and storing failed queue transactions can impact the performance of Orchestrator, so it is not enabled by default in the Enterprise edition.

If you need to record and store failed queue transactions in an Enterprise edition deployment, you can contact UiPath support to request this feature to be enabled.

Cheers @razvan.chiose

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