Record exceptions from Orchestrator


I noticed an option to enable the ‘Recording’ in the orchestrator in the earlier versions while creating a ‘New Process’ in event of exceptions

But, now that option is not showing for me!

Did that feature/option removed from the orchestrator or this feature is not available for the cloud users?


Are you having an On-Premise Orchestrator?

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No, I’m using the cloud/free version.

Okay, I think this option is available only for On-Premise users.

Does this feature work only if the job is faulted?

We have proper implementations to handle the exception scenarios, and it very rarely gets faulted. If it works only when the job gets faulty, it will not be helpful for us. We are looking for a method to record the process runs, exception scenarios, as well as successful runs if possible, on the unattended bot.

This feature is available for On-Premise Orchestrator and for Enterprise Orchestrator Cloud customers.

More details here: